The Group and Partners
Gerber Tech is a proud part of the Gerber Goldschmidt Group.
Gerber Goldschmidt Group (SA) (Pty) Ltd is a multi-faceted private equity investment company headquartered in Johannesburg and associated with the multi-national Gerber Goldschmidt Group. The Group has a diverse portfolio of investments in which our partners have the know-how, skills and experience to operate independently and successfully amongst the leaders in their respective fields, and has been operating since 1920 
The core underlying technology used by Gerber Tech is driven by GEOTAB,
Geotab is a global leader in telematics, providing open platform fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Geotab’s intuitive, full-featured solutions help businesses better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trip data. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Geotab’s technology to provide measurable management data. 

One of our core values at Geotab is to innovate and continuously seek ways to improve. We are committed to advancing technology, empowering businesses and making the roads safer for everyone.

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